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The Wizard Of Oz Georgian Theatre Richmond Nov/Dec/Jan

16th-31st Oct.             Muncaster Castle Halloween

3rd-4th Nov.              Lancaster Festival of Light

7th Oct                        Morecambe West End Festival

Oct 1st                        Halifax Peach Hall

30th Sept                    Halifax Peace Hall

23rd Sept.                   Wigan

16th-17th Sept.          Pirate Festival Albert Dock

7th-10th Sept.           Festival No6

2nd-3rd Sept.            Morecambe Vintage Festival

1st Sept                        Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax.

31st Aug                       Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax.

28th-30th Aug.         Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax.

25th-27th Aug.         Camper Calling Festival

21st-23rd Aug            Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax.

18th-20th Aug.         Just So Festival

14th-16th Aug.         Alnwick Gardens

9th-11th Aug.           Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax.

1st-2nd Aug.             Alnwick Gardens

31st July                      Alnwick Gardens

29th-30th July        Kendal Calling Festival

25th-28th July.       Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax.

22nd July                   Alston Live Festival

16th July                    One Man Band Festival Morecambe

15th July.                  West End Festival Morecambe

7th-9th July.          Camper Jam Festival

1st July                     Cockermouth Festival

23rd-25th June.    Glastonbury Festival

17th-18th June     Another Fine Fest Ulverston

3rd-4th June.        Down by the Riverside Festival Lancaster

30th May.               Muncaster Festival of Fools

27th-29th May.   Chippenham Festival

6th-7th May.        Blackburn Vintage Festival

22nd-23rd Mar.    Sick

13th March.           Sick


Snow White Georgian Theatre Richmond Nov/Dec/Jan (2017)

Nov 12th                   Winter Droving Penrith

17th-31st Oct          Muncaster Castle Halloween

7th Oct                      London Uke Can Do It

Sept 10th                 Morecambe West End

Sept 2/3/4th            Festival NO6

Aug 29th                  Lime house Festival

Aug 26-28th           Camper Calling

Aug 24-25th           Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

Aug 19-21st             Just So Festival

Aug 15-18th            Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

Aug 6-7th               Cockermouth Festival

Aug 2-5th                Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

July 29-31st            Butefest

July 28-29th           Dunham Massy

July 25-26th           Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

July 24th                  Dunham Massy

July 23rd                  Uke Can Do It London

July 16-17th          Kite Fest Morecambe

July 11-15th           Ashton Group Theatre Project

July 9th                  Corebridge Festival

July 7th                   Liverpool Albert Dock

July 2-3rd              Camper Jam Festival

June 20-26th       Glastenbury Festival

June 18th               Another Fine Fest

June 13-15th         Theatre Tour Sick

June 4th                 Workington Festival

May 29-31st         Muncaster Castle

May 27-28th       Chipenham Festival

May 20th              Pirate Day 8

May 2nd                Hayward House

April 24th            Spring Fever Morecambe

March 18th          School Performance Manchester

March 1-5th       Vitoria School Project

Feb 22-23rd        Askam School Project

Feb 15-21st         Ashton Group Project


Jack And The Beanstalk Georgian Theatre Richmond 5th December-3rd January

14th Nov                    Trunks Winter Droving Penrith

1st Nov                      Muncaster Castle Halloween

19-31st Oct               Muncaster Castle Halloween

28-30th Sept             Victoria Infants Barrow

19th Sept                   Trunks ITV Emmerdale Cast and Crew Party

13th Sept                  Trunks Barrow Park Colour Run

12th Sept                  Trunks Workington

3-6th  Sept                Trunks Festival No6

31st Aug                   Trunks Bolton

28-30th Aug              Solfest

24-27th Aug             Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

21-23rd Aug             Just So Festival

19-20th Aug             Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

10-16th Aug             Gisbon Forest Project Blaize

8th Aug                    Trunks Pooley Bridge Inn

4-6th Aug                 Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

29-30th July             Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

26th July                  Trunks The Deer Shed Festival

25th July                  Trunks Gisbon Forest Festival

22-23rd July             Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

19th July                   Trunks Beut Festival

18th July                   Trunks Morecambe West End Festival

11th July                   Trunks Garforth Festival

5th July                     Trunks Hebdon Bridge Festival

4th July                     Trunks Halifax Festival

25-28th June            Trunks Glastenbury Festival

20th June                  Another Fine Fest Ulverston

13th June                  Trunks Bowes Big Bash

5th June                    Pirate Day Ramsden School

26-28th May              Trunks Muncaster Castle

23-25th May              Trunks Chippenham Folk Festival

6-8th May                  Sick Moore Arts Millom


Nov 2014-Jan 2015  Puss In Boots Georgian Theatre Richmond

15th Nov                    Trunks Winter Droving Penrith

20th Oct-2nd Nov      Muncaster Castle Halloween Project

11th Oct                    Trunks Sheffield

1st October               Dragons Victoria School

29/30th Sept             Dragons Victoria School

27th Sept                  Trunks Doncaster

20th-21st Sept          Trunks Saltaire Festival

18th Sept                  Uke Can Do It Cheshire

5th-7th Sept              Trunks Festival No6

27th-28th Aug           Trunks Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

23rd-25th Aug           Trunks Towersey Festival

20th-21st Aug            Trunks Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

9th-17th Aug              Gisbon Forest Project Blaize

4th-7th Aug                Trunks Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

1st-3rd Aug                Trunks Kendal Calling Festival

30th 31st July            Trunks Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

25th-27th July            Trunks The Deer Shed Festival

23rd-24th July            Trunks Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

20th-21st July             Uke Can Do It The Welsh Proms Cardiff

19th July                     Trunks West End Festival Morecambe

27th-29th June           Trunks Glastenbury Festival

21st-22nd June          Trunks Kite Festival Morecambe

16th-20th June           Headzup UIS Evaluation Tour

14th June                   Trunks Another Fine Fest Ulverston

9th-13th June             Headzup UIS Evaluation Tour

6th June                     Pirate day 5 Ramsden Infants

3rd June                     Trunks Wigan

28th-29th May           Trunks Muncaster Castle Fools Competition

25th May                    Trunks Bolton

22nd May                   Trunks Fisher Grounds

17th May                    Trunks Muncaster Castle (Pvt Function)

18th April                    Trunks Oldham

3rd-5th April               East London Dance SM

20th-21st March        East London Dance SM

20th-31st Jan            Up In Smoke Headzup Tour

3rd-7th Feb               Up In Smoke Headzup Tour

10th-14th Feb           The Ashton Group

17th-28th Feb           Up In Smoke Headzup Tour

3rd-14th March        Up In Smoke Headzup Tour


18th Jan                   Uke Can Do It The Lowry H Manchester

4th-8th Feb              (Writing Commission)

10th-13th Feb          The Ashton Group (She Bit Me/Losing Tom)

19th-22nd Feb         Boom Dang Music Workshops Cumbria

23rd Feb                  Trunks Evesham

25th-27th Feb         (Writing Commission)

1st March                MC Song Circle More Music Morecambe/Lancaster Litfest

4th-8th March         (Rehearsal)

6th March                Uke Can Do It Barrow

11th-22nd March    The Ashton Group (Dominic)

25th-29th March     (Rehearsal)

1st-12th April          (Writing Commission)

9th April                 Trunks The John Rylands Library Manchester

6th-27th May         (Rehearsal Rambling On)

30th-31st May        Rambling On Cumbria

1st-2nd June          Rambling On Cumbria

7th June                 Pirate Day Ramsden Infant School

8th June                 Uke Can Do It Dalton Parade Leonard Cheshire Group

10&14th June         Uke Can Do It Bram Longstaff School

15th June                DJ Fox-Trot  Sheffield Childrens Festival

17th-23rd June       Rambling On Holmfirth Festival

28th June               Trunks Barrow Island School

29th June               Trunks Morecambe Kite Festival

30th June               Trunks Morecambe Kite Festival

1st-5th July             The Ashton Group Dominic

6th-7th July            DJ Fox-Trot Halifax Festival

9th-10th July         Trunks Eistedford Llangollen

11th July                Trunks Edge Hill University Ormskirk

12th July               Trunks Bradford

13th-14th July       Trunks Halifax Festival

19th July               Deer Shed Festival

20th July               Uke Can Do It Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

21st July               Trunks Morecambe One Man Band Festival

22/23 July             Bolton

24th July              Uke Can Do It Cardiff

25th July              Thats The Way To Do It.  Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

26th July              Trunks Kendal Calling

27th July              Uke can Do It.  Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

28th July              Trunks Kendal Calling

1st Aug                 Thats The Way To Do It.  Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

8th Aug                 Thats The Way To Do It.  Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

10th-18th Aug       Rambling On Lancashire

21st Aug                Trunks Bolton

22nd Aug              Thats The Way To Do It.  Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

23rd-25th Aug       Trunks  Solfest

28th Aug               Trunks Bolton

29th-30th Aug       Trunks Eureka Childrens Museum Halifax

31st Aug                Trunks  Mintfest

1st Sept                 Trunks  Mintfest

7th Sept                Trunks The Woolpack Pub Emmerdale Yorkshire

8th Sept                Trunks Hull Freedom Festival

13th-15th Sept      Trunks  Festival No 6

21st-22nd Sept     Saltare Festival

23-27th Sept         (Rehearsal)

30th Sept-Oct 4th    Up In Smoke   Headzup Tour

5th Oct                    Trunks Rotheram

10th-12th Oct          Trunks Inverness Street Theatre Festival

14th-18th Oct          Up In Smoke    Headzup Tour

26th-31st Oct          Muncaster Castle Halloween

18th Nov-5th Jan  Cinderella The Georgian Theatre Richmond


11th/12th Feb         Trunks  K Village Kendal

18th Feb                 Uke Can Do It Goole Market

11th-21st March    Super Musical Heros Abu Dhabi  (Manchester Festival)

21st April               Trunks Urban Motor Show Workington

1st-3rd May           Trunks Nuts In May Festival  www.nutsinmayfestival.co.uk

8th-10th May         Workshop School package Scunthorpe

13th May                Trunks  Morecambe Kite Festival

2nd June                Trunks K Village Kendal

3rd June                 Trunks Dalton

4th June                 Trunks K Village Kendal

5th June                 Trunks Walkabout Muncaster Castle

7th June                 Trunks The Festival Of Fools Muncaster Castle

9th June                 Trunks Bowes Carnival

10th June                Trunks Morecambe Sand Castle Festival

17th June                Trunks Big Session Festival  www.bigsessionfestival.com

23rd June                Trunks Cockermouth

27th June                 Trunks Fisher Grounds

20th July                  Cock Rock

21st July                  Trunks Natural England Bonanza Barrow Park

22nd July                 Trunks Preston

28th July                  Trunks K Village Kendal

31st July                  Trunks Eureka National Children’s Museum (N.C.M) Halifax

1st Aug                    Uke Can Do It Eureka N.C.M Halifax

2nd Aug                   That’s The Way To Do It Eureka N.C.M Halifax

6th-10th Aug           Sidmouth Folk Festival   http://www.sidmouthfolkweek.co.uk

13th Aug                 Trunks Lakes Alive The Banquets (Cleator Moor)

14th Aug                  Trunks Lakes Alive The Banquets (Millom)

15th Aug                 Trunks Lakes Alive The Banquets (Brampton Talkin Tarn)

16th Aug                 Trunks Lakes Alive The Banquets (Applby)

17th-19th Aug        Trunks Masquepony Cartmel   www.masquepony.co.uk

21st Aug                  Trunks Eureka N.C.M Halifax

22nd Aug                Uke Can Do It Eureka N.C.M Halifax

23rd Aug                 Thats The Way To Do It Eureka N.C.M Halifax

24th-26th Aug         Trunks Solfest     www.solfest.org.uk

31st Aug                  Trunks Cardiff  Bay The Imaginarium

1st/2nd Sept           Trunks Cardiff Bay The Imaginarium

11th-14th Oct         Trunks Inverness Festival

27th-28th Oct         Trunks K Village Kendal

Dec/Jan                  Babes In The Wood Georgian Theatre Richmond


4th/9th January     Mother Goose Georgian Theatre Richmond

25th/26th Feb         Story Telling commission from Natural England (The Dock Museum)

7th/18th March       Up In Smoke  (Headzup)

4th/8th April           Up In Smoke  (Headzup)

3rd/22nd May          Vagabonding touring Cumbria for Lakes Alive  (Headzup)

6th/30th June          Up In Smoke Cumbria (Headzup)

7th/14th July            Super Musical Heros for Jake Rodrigues and Manchester Festival

16th/17th July          Trunks Victoria Baths Manchester

23rd July                   Trunks Barrow Park Natural England Festival

24th July                   Trunks Morecambe Kite Festival

30th July                   Trunks Sidmouth Festival (Including workshops)

31st July                    Trunks Sidmouth Festival (Including workshops)

1st August                 Trunks Sidmouth Festival (Including workshops)

2nd August               Trunks Sidmouth Festival (Including workshops)

13/14th August        Trunks Lakes Alive commission Brockhole

16/17th August        Thats The Way To Do It Barrow Dock Museum

26/28th August       Trunks Solfest

3/4th Sept                Trunks Mintfest Kendal

19/23rd Sept           Up In Smoke Touring Cumbria  (Headzup)

26/30th Sept          Up In Smoke Touring Cumbria  (Headzup)

3/7th October         Up In Smoke Touring Cumbria  (Headzup)

10/14th October    Workshop Residency at Ramsden School

20th October          Halloween Ghost Stories  K Village Kendal

21st October           Trunks Sir John Barrow School Ulverston

22nd October         Halloween Ghost Stories K Village Kendal November

10th November 2011 14th Jan 2012     Sinbad Georgian Theatre Richmond

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