DJ Fox-Trot

Bang on!

Are you ready to mash that event up?

Is it time to chuck yourself around?

Dalton 2012 Picture Shaun Blezard

Then treat your guests to a set from the original scratch mixer DJ Foxtrot.

Totally mobile, mixing stuff up anytime anywhere!

All on the quiet and not a word to The Peelers!

Its all in there.

Phat Gramophone tunes all scratched with hardest needles




A peripatetic powerhouse set from Cumbria’s finest exponent of Edwardian Thrash

Foam Party, Magic Mirror Ball and the world famous grand finale LaZer Show!

Even a few blue smarties from the exploding dove pan if you know the right bloke!


Perfect for your festival or extrordinary evening event.

Careful now!

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