Sorry been very busy and therefore slack with the site. To cut a long story short 2016 was fabulous and a complete sell out from start to finish.


Summer 2015

The Spring/Summer season is another complete sell out so the Diary page has been updated with event details. Looking forward to another amazing summer at a myriad of marvellous events and festivals.

Summer season 2015 sold out. The gig list for this year can be found on the diary page.

Summer season 2015 sold out. The gig list for this year can be found on the diary page.

Spring 2015

Pantomime season was another glorious success!!!

Full houses and great fun!

The early months of the year are usually busy with a schools tour but this year I have most of January off then some work with the ever wonderful Ashton Group.

The summer season is all but sold out and I will post the dates soon.

So time to kick the Dames boots off and relax. Apart from the admin, fixing, writing a new show for the NHS, rehearsing new material for the Spring/Summer season and having a little holiday.


Spring is always time to kick back and relax.

Spring is always time to kick back and relax.


Christmas 2014/15 Puss In Boots.

This is my 5th Pantomime for the Georgian. After a succession of swings from goodies to baddies and back again I am proud to finally make it up to Dame.

For me Dame is the pinnacle of a showman’s career and I am very proud indeed.

Ada Grinder. Very proud to be the new Dame of Richmond at the glorious Georgian Theatre.

Ada Grinder. Very proud to be the new Dame of Richmond at the glorious Georgian Theatre.

Spring 2013

Not quite over yet but thank you and for another sell out Spring/Summer season.

Photo ℅ http://dangreenphotography.comThanks 2014

Thanks 2014

Well the summer season is sold out for the 3rd year running.


The spring season has featured many exciting gigs, projects and events performing my show, thrashing Ukulele’s, writing shows and composing.

Oliver leads the Leonard Cheshire Ukulele Orchestra.

Oliver leads the Leonard Cheshire Ukulele Orchestra. Photo by Sharon Tait.

Aside from a few weekdays here and there I’m actually booked up until March 2014 so a huge !Thank You! to all the festivals, events, theatres and companies that have already completely filled 2013

In other news June also featured my second walking adventure Rambling On and you can visit my blog if you have a mind to find out more.

Maxim and me on the road.

Maxim and me on the road. Photo by Blez.

Rambling On is a co production between Blaize and Headzup. Look out for further tramping adventures later in the year. Click links below for more info.

January 2013

Getting close to closing the diary for 2012. Most summer dates are now taken up and with project work  I’m booked until March 2014. Still a few little holes here and there for interesting asides, but other than that THANK YOU and bring it on!!

Check the bookings page for more details.

One of our larger audiences.

One of our larger audiences.

Thank you 2012

What a brilliant year, rounded off by a fantastic Pantomime season once more at The Georgian Theatre Richmond. Another brilliant seven weeks of Panto heaven despite the most glorious of theatrical accidents being that I managed to fall down a trap door shaft and broke a rib landing on the orchestra kettle drum.

Still smarts, but I hope to take some time off in January to get it fixed properly.

All the wealth and power will be mine.

All the wealth and power will be mine.

In other news the summer season is already selling well with plenty of repeat bookings and some brand new festivals to perform at. I also hope to announce further news about my 2nd walking tour during May, June and quite possibly July featuring a brand new Headzup show in partnership with Blaize.

Its been my busiest year ever with gigs all over the country and the wider world so thank you once again to everybody who has booked me or one of my shows in 2012.


Time to have a cheeky little family holiday after we close babes In The Wood on the 5th.

!Happy New Year!

October 2012

Now where is that Panto script?

Dolly and me performed our final gig of 2012 today.

All went brilliantly with a grand finale routine to three generations of the same family who were sat on a bench wearing bobble hats and scarves.

I was fired up to perform the final show of a long season and the audience of five completely got it and suggested that we had completely made their holiday. 

A perfect W.I.A.A

(What It’s All About) 


2012 done. !BINGO!

September 2012

A fine season with gigs as exotic as Abu Dhabi and as local as my beloved Barrow Park.

From Sidmouth Festival in south Devon to the wild purple highlands of Inverness. 

From the east of Scunthorpe to the west coast and Haverigg beach.

Audiences as massive as 600 and as welcome as 1.

Thank you for all the gigs in this my first sell out season! 

I start selling 2013 tomorrow.

Thanks Dolly.

Ill wrap you up warm and dry in the shed until early 2013.

Thank you and Goodnight!

Dolly and me in the beautiful grounds of Muncaster Castle. Picture by Joel Dickinson

August 2012

A massive thank you to the many festivals and events that made the 2012 summer season my first ever complete sell out. I am very lucky to have performed at many leading festivals this year and am only a few weeks away from starting to organise the bookings for the spring/summer season of 2013.

Shabby, Uncle Tacko and Myself outside Uncle Tacko’s Imaginarium

I still have a dozen gigs and a number of projects to deliver before panto rehearsals start  a grand 2012 so…..


A fine tour for lakes Alive. Lots of wheeled contraptions delivering all kinds of wonderful shows. Appleby 2012

July 2012

 Summer Season Update.

Busy Busy Busy! July, August and most of September is completely !SOLD OUT!

I enjoyed three incredible sell out days at The National Children’s Museum Eureka, including performances of Trunks, Uke Can Do It and The Puppet Workshops. Looking forward to a return visit later in August for more of the same.

Performing in the theatre of the National Children’s Museum Eureka Halifax

Followed by a quick dash down to the south coast for a week of shows and workshops at the ever wonderful Sidmouth Festival.

I’m currently on tour with the lakes Alive Banquets, performing all over Cumbria for a week culminating in the Masquepony  festival at Cartmel.

 Preston Guild 2012

Dolly is a proper box car now.

After a busy few weeks getting my hands dirty with a stage management gig and some schools work I’ve been back out with Dolly working festivals and events.

Thank you to CockRock for a wild time! Thanks also to Natural England’s Wildlife Bonanza where I was proud to spend the day working on my very own Barrow Bandstand, and also to MMM for a brilliant gig at preston Guilds Sing The Docks.

I’m going to enjoy a short holiday now before a completely packed August featuring a series of gigs at Eureka in Halifax, The Banquets tour for lakes Alive and more festivals including Sidmouth, Solfest and Cardiff.

Its going to be a work out but thankfully August is a complete sell out!


Trunks by Royal (Ish) Appointment.

K Village in Kendal a regular gig for me now. Thanks all. Anyway a nice girl called Kate enjoyed the show.

Festival of Fools Muncaster Castle

Exciting news.

I have been invited to take part in the world famous Festival of Fools at Muncaster Castle June 7th. This is a fantastic annual event where the winner is crowned official fool for a year in honer of the founding father of Jesters Tom Fool. I have a few friends from the world of street theatre also taking part and the line up is very strong so it should be a brilliant event.

I say I say I say. Joey the jester from my cast of puppets

I have no idea how my accostic largely spoken word act is going to fair against such strong speciality and skill based acts, but I’m looking forward to sharing a stage with some brilliant and talented colleagues.

I am also performing on more familiar ground as a walkabout on the 5th so hope you can make it along and keep your fingers crossed. Should I be lucky enough to win I will add official Fool of Muncaster to my other proud Cumbrian title of Troubadour to the KIng of Piel Island. Anyway check it out via the link below.

Lights up on season two.

Hurrah I have been lucky enough to secure over 50 gigs for this spring summer season.

I have a number of repeat bookings on the back of my first solo season last year plus a host of new festivals, venues and audiences for 2012

Here we go again!

All the dates can be found on my Diary page

Pantomime news 2012

Brilliant news! I have been invited to perform at the Georgian Theatre Richmond once again. The Georgian is surely the most beautiful little theatre in the world, and the oldest functioning theatre in the country. Hope to see you all there for Babes In The Wood.

Looking forward to Babes In The Wood at The Georgian Theatre Richmond 2012

Scunthorpe 2012

Lovely gig working in Scunthorpe covering for Martyn Barker whilst he was on holiday. A joyous three days working with his group of adults writing songs, playing ukuleles and throwing puppets around.

Thrash those Uke’s

Abu Dhabi Festival March 2012

Just back from two weeks working in schools for the Abu Dhabi Festival. We worked with children from all over the world all thrown together in this ever expanding and exotic city. Thank you to all from the Manchester International Festival who produced our section of the festival and to my old mate Shabby for landing and developing the project. Two very fine weeks. Happy days indeed!

Anybody seen my camel?

Pantomime January 2012

Just back from this seasons pantomime at The Georgian Theatre Richmond

(Oldest theatre in the country you know!)

I was playing the baddy Maceron The Great Wazier! You will all be happy to know that I kept a tally of the number of shows that featured a crying child on my mirror.

The final numbers crunched and worked out by our  resident mathematician and MD Bar reveals a grand total of 66.6% perfect number for the pantomime villain. Thanks to all the management, crew and staff at the Georgian, and of course my fellow pantomimists including my monstrous manservant and partner in crime GARGANTO (Joe Nicholson)

Great gig! Happy Days. 

Princess (Lucy Frost ) Completely under my EVIL spell.

June 2011

Lights up on season one.

My first solo season is in the bag. A big thank you to all that booked Dolly and me to perform this summer. Together we performed at 17 different festivals and events this year and we look forward to many more in the future. We premiered in the glorious Victoria Baths in Manchester with our finale at Mintfest in Kendal.

Dolly and me halfway through our fist solo summer season.

For a full list of this summers’ tour, take a look at the Diary page.

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