Monday 2nd May

Hello chaps.

We made it. The ferry crossing was choppy and in a boat that was a lot smaller than the one we measured a few weeks ago. None the less thanks to the skill of the ferry man and lots of passing well wishers watching from the landward side we made it safe to Piel Island.

We had a pint or two with the King, Queen and Princess Royal and an interesting encounter with the Royal Pigs of Piel. The swine managed to escape their paddock and tamper with Dolly. They also managed to tamper with the few bags of food we had brought over for our stay and managed to polish off all the vegetables, bread cheese and chilli flavoured humus. They had a go at the wine but obviously couldn’t manage the screw cap. I had to go and wash the swill and saliva off the bottle before we could enjoy it, but i think there attentions assisted with the temperature.

Practically its still very windy and cold. The King is worried that the gail force winds might affect the ability to get many people over tomorrow. If this is the case we hope to get back over to Roa Island and perform there instead. I hope we don’t lose the Piel performance but the King and I believe in safety first. I’m sure it will drop in time. The Island is too exciting to miss out on.

The ferry starts running at 11.00am. I would write more of todays adventures but my fingers are getting cold as the pub shut at 5.00 tonight after a busy weekend.

Long live the King! And hopefully his pigs.

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