Whats In The Box?

The opening song.

Many Things!

 Gacko is the Royal Troubadour of Piel Island. Proudly promenading with Dolly, his peripatetic perambulator of performance. Ever ready to unload his curious cargo of songs, stories and routines, this wandering vagabond showman explores the nooks and crannies of your event, festival or resort.

Gacko and Dolly

 Our Opening Song  

Classic stories rounded up, recycled and recounted for your enjoyment.

Trunks at Muncaster Castle. Photo Joel Dickinson

A classic family variety show!

Trunks is a family friendly collection of songs, tales and routines accessible to all and can be performed in practically any situation or location. Trunks works as a roving walkabout show finding an audience anywhere and everywhere, but also as a static conventional ring show.

Gacko has a full enhanced CRB check and public liability insurance.

For further information check the contacts page.

Lights up on Trunks

“Gary Bridgens has been a favourite with the performers and spectators at Mintfest for some time now due to his amazing versatility and irrepressible good humour. He has the gift of enchanting audiences young and old with a mixture of wordplay, slapstick, improvised musical interludes and tales embroidered with the flawless creativity of an infinitely improbable imagination”

Lakes Alive

One of our larger audiences.

One of our larger audiences.


  1. “Trunks is very funny. There is a balance of children that want to participate and a token embarrassed teenager that makes everyone laugh. I was Colin in a story and got to hold him and do the actions. I learnt not to put litter on the floor or else animals can get hurt and also that paper lanterns hurt the animals too.” – Megan, Aged 8

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