Booking 2012


This clever site seems to be working perfectly.

In the old days booking a season for my various acts would involve sending parcels to hundreds of promotors loaded with photo’s, audio tapes, video tapes, cover letters and post cards. Followed by a series of gig chase up phone calls at great expense to myself and the planets resources.

Things have moved on.

The site is easy to share and i’m told easy to navigate and clear with enough information and bright images.

Any thoughts or feedback please let me know.

I am spending the usual dark season trying to fill up the spring and summer with festivals and events and will soon update the Diary page with a list of my bookings. I have already confirmed a number of gigs, some old favourites and some new festivals with fresh audiences.

I have gigs close to home and as far afield as Abu Dhabi so keep looking at the Diary page for constant updates of 2012 events.

Ill keep you posted.


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